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Get High-quality Disperse Digital Printing on all kinds of polyester & Reactive on Cotton, viscose, Chiffon, Silk, etc…

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Creative and innovative trending designs solutions & support from highly skilled designers

About Us

Future Fashion is a textile digital printing company based in Lahore, Pakistan. It is a leading and key role-playing company in the sector of digital textile printing. We provide printing solutions and services with all advanced and necessary processing to get the quality finished and finest printing results according to the fabric.









Design is the most influential factor in textile printing. The other factor is the color density on the fabric. We have an in-house textile design studio here at Future Fashion. Our well-qualified team works a lot to bring creative, innovative designs and color ideas from imagination to reality. We always try to give inspirational customized designs, so the studio team gives the visual reference and context to get to the customer’s needs and desires.


Once the dresses have been designed and worked upon, they are then processed for printing. This process involves sizing and resizing, polishing, bleaching, and mercerization. It is an important stage of the digital printing process, in which, the fabric is processed for the final product.

Digital Printing

The process of textile printing through inkjet technology is called digital printing. In this process, the colorants are printed onto fabrics that produce finished products. The beautiful colors and designs printed on the fabric transform a simple piece of fabric into an amazing printed fabric. The designer designs, and then translates it to the software.


The process of dyeing is very appealing for an onlooker. The digitally printed fabric is first preheated to absorb the color of dye. It is then sent to the printer for dyeing. The printer sprays tiny droplets of dye onto it. However, it is then needed to be fixed onto the fabric after spraying.

Printing Solutions by Fabric Types

Future Fashion provides printing services on different kinds of fabrics like Cotton, Cotton Lawn, Cotton Satin, Polyester, Chiffon, Silk, Denim, Twirl, Viscose, Jacquard, Lycra, Karandi, and Canvas. 



In future fashion, we have all pre to post process solutions. Moreover, latest and advanced printing machines enables us to deliver quality work according to international standards.