Our designer can create any artwork of prints and patterns as per customer needs. Our studio is fully equipped with the latest designing equipment and high-spec technology. 

Our professional designers provide detailed market trends to our customers and work with brands to develop elegant textile designs specific to them or as they desired. We provide the latest perspective of designs to our clients that helps to promote their products and keep brands on-trend. 


Our professional designers keep up to date with our clients with emerging fashion trends as well as general trends relating to fabrics, colors, and style. Textile printing introduced the fashion industry to something it never imagined before. Long gone are the days when printing used to be a difficult task as it is now a matter of a few minutes only. However, developing countries like Pakistan didn’t have enough options for efficient digital printing a few years ago as compared to modern countries in the world. Future Fashion Tex- a Lahore-based digital textile industry- makes sure to run side by side with the advanced fashion industries throughout the globe. Therefore, it has imported some of the highest-end machinery that enables it to produce the latest designs efficiently. 


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