Digital textile printing gives a new meaning to the fashion industry. Back when it wasn’t introduced, printing used to be conventional. Digital textile printing did something that the fashion world never imagined. It brought imagination to the reality as the prints aren’t just enchanting, but dreamy. However, there is always a dire need to fix the issues coming in the way, and that is done by high-end machinery. Let’s explore the possible solutions for textile digital printing in Pakistan, as it is something new to the country.

Well, not exactly new, but it is something challenging for developing and underdeveloped countries. The reason is it requires high-end machinery, and it is difficult for countries like that to import them all. However, long gone are the days when Pakistan used to lag in this arena, as Future Fashion Tex solved this worry years ago. It is one of the leading textile industries in Pakistan that enabled the country to compete with world-class industries.

What Future Fashion Tex has brought for the Fashion Industry?

Future Fashion Tex is a name that stands out among a dozen leading fashion industries. It is one of the pioneers in the digital textile printing in Pakistan that used all the high-end printing methods. Therefore, the fashion industry of the country rises and thrives as a result of its hard work and strategies.

The company believes in constant improvement and development that results in placing the Pakistani fashion industry at the topmost position. It keeps updating its methods and strategies that are paralleled to the current and world-class processes. Nowadays, digital textile printing relies heavily on the machinery, and all the work is done by utilizing some advanced technology. Keeping the current processes in mind, Future Fashion Tex recently installed the BOLT machine by the topmost company of the world (i.e. Italian company known as EFI Reggiani). It also added MAS digital and Atexco that are the second most advanced machinery for textile digital printing.

Now, with the help of these machines, it is easier to print different types of fabrics. The BOLT does amazing printing on fabric; however, the other two take care of printing on other fabrics. It pretty much includes all the types, ranging from soft such as lawn and silk to hard such as jeans and shawls.

The digital textile printing on the harder fabric used to be an imaginary thing back before the invention of these machines. Now, they provide a better solution to all the problems and enable the textile industry to bring creativity and innovation in all clothing types. There was a time when it was believed that digital textile printing used to be done on women’s dresses only. However, the scenario has changed a lot now as there are now, and the arena has gotten vast. Even the household clothing relies on digitally printed work, and they look every bit stunning.