Digital textile printing introduced the fashion industry to something it never imagined before. Long gone are the days when printing used to be a difficult task as it is now a matter of a few minutes only. However, developing countries like Pakistan didn’t have enough options for efficient digital printing a few years ago as compared to modern countries in the world. Future Fashion Tex- a Lahore based digital textile industry- makes sure to run side by side with the advanced fashion industries throughout the globe. Therefore, it has imported some of the highest-end machinery that enables it to produce the latest designs efficiently.

What is Future Fashion Tex?

Before moving on the machinery, let’s first know what Future Fashion Tex is. It is a textile industry based in Lahore that brings the quickest innovation in the country. It introduces the latest textile printing trends to the country and serves as a trendsetter for the sector. It is one of the pioneers in the industry that brought the newest trends to the country. Moreover, the staff of the company is highly skilled and educated that contributes the most to making it the leading textile industry of the country. It aims to bring the most well-pleased workers and customers and work hard to make it possible.

Which Machinery Has Been Bought to the Country?

The company believes in introducing Pakistan to world-class digital printing options and providing employment via it. Therefore, it has the most well educated staff and the most high-end machinery. The mission of the company is to be the most creative, innovative, and passionately referred company in the digital textile printing industry. To make it possible, it has installed the most modern machinery. The recently added BOLT by the Italian EFI Reggiani is the latest digital printing machine. The world’s most leading companies rely on this machinery; therefore, it indeed is a valuable addition.

Similarly, the second most advanced machinery is MS JPK Evo and Atexco digital printing machines. Both of these produce superior quality prints and have a high production capacity. Other than that, the in-house integrated padding and finishing systems together contribute to producing the finest quality as per the demand. Both of these factors increase the overall productivity of the staff and enhance customer satisfaction. All this contributes to producing products as per the buyers’ demands.

Moreover, the customized design has become a lot simpler with this high-end machinery. The customers now depend on digital printing options if they need something as per something they have in their minds. Not only is it easier to do so with BOLT, MS, and Atexco, but it is also possible to do it efficiently. These types of machinery bring innovation meanwhile increasing production capacity. Future Fashion Tex set the trend for other textile industries in Pakistan, thereby contributing the most in competing with advanced countries. We now have a world-class fashion industry, in which, the digital textile printing plays a vital role.