The fashion industry follows a trend of continuous improvement, and now, it depends a lot on digital textile printing. In reality, It was something new in Pakistan a few years ago and has now become one of the trendiest and basic need of textile industry. It is increasing in the country due to various design possibilities it offers. Particularly, Apart from providing good quality designing, it also gives economical options. Let’s dig a bit deeper into the factors that enable the digital textile printing in gaining momentum in Pakistan.

The Reasons Contributing to Increasing Digital Textile Printing Market in Pakistan

Efficient Resources Usage

Firstly, Digital printing utilizes efficient resources, and it’s famous for its “short to medium run” prints. In a developing country like Pakistan, industries have limited resources and look for options that require minimum reserve. For digital printing, lesser water and lower energy emission are required. Therefore, it heavily goes in favor of the fashion industry, and digital printing is increasing at a rapid pace.

Multiple Design Possibilities

Secondly, It provides designers with more creative and innovative options. The customers in the market usually prefer posting short orders, and digital printing is well suited for short print runs. Therefore, it gives designers a room to bring creativity to their short and quick designs. Moreover, the lawn is the most widely used fabric in women’s clothing in Pakistan, and printing on this fabric is easier and done efficiently. Due to its soft and light texture, various designs can be made in a short period. In fact, All this goes in favor of boosting the digital textile printing market in Pakistan.

Efficient Designing

Moreover, Digital printing takes lesser time than embroidery and general printing. Long gone are the days when digital textile printing used to be a taboo in Pakistan. Now, world-class manufacturers such as EFI Reggiani, SPG prints, MS, Mimaki, Atexco, and Arioli are investing in the fashion industry of Pakistan. The EFI Reggiani has recently been installed at the Future Fashion Tex that is one of the leading textile industries in the country. This high-end machinery makes printing quicker, easier, and better than before.

Area of Improvement in Digital Textile Printing

It’s not surprising to know that the world’s economy relies heavily on the fashion industry. Specifically, textile printing plays a vital role in this sector. The developing and underdeveloped countries depend a lot on the textile industry as it accounts for 90% of their industrial export. This, in turn, creates 50% of total employment opportunities.

Despite providing better handling and easier solution due to the exact and precise placing of prints, there is a dire need for bringing innovation and new digitally printed designs. All the prints look alike, and the customer gets bored of it pretty soon. Therefore, the designers need to look into this matter and bring something new to the industry. This issue is expected to be resolved soon due to some highly skilled designers working in the industry. They have already started working in this arena, and the customers will have more creative options.